services, licences and rates

rights and licencing

All images and texts on this website are protected by European, German and international copyright laws. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, the design of this site and all its content are property of Arthur Tiutenko and may not be used or reproduced by anyone without Arthur's permission.

non-commercial use

No extra permission has to be obtained if an image will be used non-commercially. Typical examples of non-commercial publications are scientific articles and reports, educational or public campaign materials, etc. In such and similar cases, the permission is granted automatically but the following restrictions apply:

  • If you use the entire image, you are not allowed to remove (stamp out, crop, etc.) the note on it indicating its origin and the copyright owner: © Arthur Tiutenko.
  • In images that will be published digitally it is prohibited to remove or alter any embedded metadata.
  • You are allowed to use parts of an image, i.e. crop the image to other size and shape, cut out areas of it, save it to a new file or convert to a different format, provided that the embedded original metadata indicating the author, copyright information, title, keywords and description remain unchanged.
  • If the text lines indicating the origin ( and the copyright owner (Arthur Tiutenko) will not appear in the part remained after cropping or is absent in the original (as for instance in photos that are displayed in slide shows), this information has to be provided elsewhere in your publication, e.g. in image caption, credits' list, etc.

Please contact Arthur if you use an image non-commercially but the requirements described above can not be met for any reason.

commercial use

For commercial use a written permission from Arthur Tiutenko has always to be obtained. To purchase rights, send an e-mail at Arthur's contact address specifying the ID of the image and the purpose you are going to use it for. Also please specify the file format and image size that you would like to receive. Images can be ordered as TIFF (16 bit, 300 dpi) or JPEG (8 bit, 72 dpi) and in sizes up to 21 Mp. Please note that not all sizes are available for some images. The maximum size in megapixel for an image is indicated in its caption. You may also need to send such a request if you would use an image for non-commercial purposes but the file that you can download directly from this website doesn't meet your requirements. In that case you will receive the requested file free of charge.

Image licence prices for various uses are listed below.


books, magazines, catalogues, flyers, brochures**

  • longest side up to 10cm : € 50
  • longest side up to 21cm : € 120
  • longest side up to 30cm : € 200
  • cover : € 300

other printed media

  • newspaper : € 90
  • posters or calendars : € 400
  • postcards, greeting cards : € 100
  • printing for personal usage (up to 3 prints of the same file) : € 120

internet, electronic media

  • longest side up to 500 pixel : € 30
  • longest side up to 1000 pixel : € 50
  • longest side over 1000 pixel : € 80

other uses

  • reference for painting or drawing : € 50
  • exclusive use*** : subject to negotiation but at least € 400

* NOTE: All prices are given without VAT — 19%.

** For circulation numbers over 10,000 copies the rates increase by 25%.

*** With exclusive use licence the ownership of all rights for the image is transferred to the buyer. The author obligates himself not to sell the image anymore.

If an image is used in a collage, digital artwork, video footage or other kind of publication that is not listed above, the pricing principles remain the same: A licence is based on the size of the image that the buyer requests, on position of the image in the product and on planned circulation.

A license is always issued for a single use only, i.e. for a single edition and product circulation. The use of the same image in further editions or circulations of the product has to be agreed with Arthur Tiutenko. Additional charge may apply in this case.

Usually the buyer is obligated to mention the origin of the image (Arthur Tiutenko and/or in caption or credits. If concept, page layout, purpose of the product, or other reasons don't allow this, a permission to omit this information may be obtained.

Once the license was purchased, it may not be resold or otherwise transfered by the buyer to a third party.


Discounts of 10% or more may be agreed in certain cases.


fine art prints

You can order prints of images from this site in any size up to the maximal possible. Please note that not all sizes may be available for an image of your choice. You may choose between normal or archive quality paper, or canvas. Only papers of best brands — Hahnemühle, Canson, Harman, Crane, Ilford, Epson, Photolux — are used. The prints can also be ordered mounted and ready to hang — in a frame with glass (normal, UV protective, anti-reflection). A certificate of authenticity and a hologram protection for the print will be provided on request. The rates given below are approximate: The final price depends on printed size and on the materials used. Please contact Arthur for details. When ordering a print, please provide the following information: image code or its address (URL) at this site, size, number of copies, preferred paper, mount, frame, glass. Also please let us know if an authenticity certificate has to be supplied with the print. After that you will receive a preliminary cost calculation. If you accept it, the order will be carried out.

Prints of other sizes than given below are also possible. The details will be provided on request.


Note: The rates listed below do not include VAT (19%) and should be understood as approximate minimum provided for your orientation. The final total price you pay for a print may be different.

prints on archive quality paper, up to 440 g/m2

  • 21 x 18cm (DIN A5): € 15
  • 30 x 20cm (DIN A4): € 25
  • 42 x 30cm (DIN A3): € 35
  • 60 x 42cm (DIN A2): € 55
  • 64 x 43cm (DIN A2+): € 60
  • 84 x 60cm (DIN A1): € 120
  • 119 x 84cm (DIN A0): € 250

prints on normal paper, up to 300 g/m2

  • 18 x 13cm (postcard): € 7
  • 21 x 18cm (DIN A5): € 10
  • 30 x 20cm (DIN A4): € 15
  • 42 x 30cm (DIN A3): € 25
  • 60 x 42cm (DIN A2): € 45
  • 64 x 43cm (DIN A2+): € 50
  • 84 x 60cm (DIN A1): € 80
  • 119 x 84cm (DIN A0): € 170

prints on canvas, up to 440 g/m2

  • 42 x 30cm (DIN A3): € 30
  • 60 x 42cm (DIN A2): € 55
  • 84 x 60cm (DIN A1): € 95

mats (passepartout)

  • approx. 35 x 25cm (for 18 x 21cm print): € 15
  • approx. 50 x 40cm (for 30 x 20cm print): € 25
  • approx. 70 x 50cm (for 42 x 30cm print): € 35
  • approx. 100 x 70cm (for 60 x 42cm print): € 50

frames (with glass)

  • approx. 40 x 30cm (for 18 x 21cm print), wood, acrylic glass: € 45
  • approx. 40 x 30cm (for 18 x 21cm print), metal, acrylic glass: € 30
  • approx. 50 x 40cm (for 30 x 20cm print), wood, acrylic glass: € 65
  • approx. 50 x 40cm (for 30 x 20cm print), metal, acrylic glass: € 40
  • approx. 70 x 50cm (for 42 x 30cm print), wood, acrylic glass: € 35
  • approx. 70 x 50cm (for 42 x 30cm print), metal, acrylic glass: € 60
  • approx. 100 x 70cm (for 60 x 42cm print), wood, acrylic glass: € 130
  • approx. 100 x 70cm (for 60 x 42cm print), metal, acrylic glass: € 95
  • anti-reflection glass: +30%

certificate of authenticity

  • hologram (on the print) + certificate: € 7

limited edition prints*

  • up to 5 copies: +300% (minimum € 150 per copy)
  • up to 10 copies: +200% (minimum € 110 per copy)
  • up to 25 copies: +100% (minimum € 80 per copy)
  • up to 50 copies: +50% (minimum € 45 per copy)

* If the number of all printed copies of an image should be limited, the price increases by the given percent number. A certificate of authenticity will be provided with such an image free of charge. Limited prints are performed only on archive quality papers.

a note about limited edition prints

Usually any image at this site can be obtained as print, and the number of such prints is unlimited, or better to say — indefinite, because it may be limited upon request of a buyer. For instance, if you would like to purchase a print of which only 5 copies should exist, you pay 4 times the regular price, i.e. 300% more, or € 150 if the price per print is less than € 40. If more copies than 4 but less than 10 have been already sold, you may purchase another copy paying 200% more. The selling further prints will stop after the 10th copy was sold.

If an image is printed in a limited edition, a notice in its caption on this site will indicate the size and the number of prints available for purchase. Buyers who purchased prints of the image can obtain a certificate of authenticity and protection holograms for their copies for the price of €7.


Orders of more than 5 prints a eligible for a discount of 10%. For prints purchased for display in public places a discount of 10% is offered if the name of the author — Arthur Tiutenko — and the address of this site — — will be printed in a corner of the image and remain visible for viewers when the image will be presented.


methods of payment

Payments per bank transfer or per PayPal service are accepted.